Monday, August 18, 2008

Rapid Point Rewards

Rapidshare give another option to their customers about their RapidPoint. RapidPoint can be used to create a new account or extend your current account by one month, add more quota to your account, and now, it can be used to get the rewards provided by RapidPoint program. You can buy special items ranging from small scale like iTunes or Amazon voucher, USB FlexLight, up to Giant R/C Mario Kart Racer, Anti-Gravity Globe, RC-9, and many more.

These items were mostly cool, but they are very costly too. The smallest point needed is around 30000 points and you will only get 15 EUR of voucher for iTunes and The highest one will cost you 500000 points, but it's not yet available yet.

Please choose well, as you can only exchange one item per account.