Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Skype Connector on IMO

I just got an email from IMO that they have added another feature in their instant messaging application, which is Skype connector. Here's the email i received:
A few weeks ago, I contacted you after we introduced MySpace IM. I thought I would touch base with you again because we have now added a connector to Skype!

As a further bonus, we are trying out experimental support for voice calls to your Skype contacts. Since call quality is not yet perfect, we do not yet allow calls to phone numbers or "SkypeOut" buddies. You can, however, call any of your Skype friends who may not yet be on imo.im. If you want to try out a call, click on the "Skype Test Call" buddy, and select "Start Call" in the conversation window, which now appears next to the webcam function. A call window should pop up. Make sure that you allow imo.im to access your microphone, or your voice will not be heard.

Our Skype and MySpace connectors are still in their early stages, so please inform us about any problems you encounter by clicking the "Send us Feedback" link at the bottom of the imo homepage. We thank you for your continued interest and support of imo, and we welcome any suggestions for improvements.


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