Thursday, August 14, 2008

Google Calendar is Now in Indonesian

Google has updated their Calendar application to include more languages, including Indonesian (according to GMail Blog). Right now, they are chasing to support 50 languages (they are up to 38 currently). Let's hope their hopes come true (giving everyone the information they want in their native language).

That's a good news, as i'm starting to use Google Calendar on my lecturer site. It listed all of my activities at work so students can see whether i'm busy or not on particular day.


  1. A little comment on the grammar and word(s) choices. Note: corrections are in double quote.

    * to include more "languages"
    * Let's hope their hope "comes" true
    * [or better:] Let's hope their plan comes true
    * information they want in their "native language"
    * as I'm "starting" to use
    * "in the" office
    * [or:] at work

    Hopefully it helps :)

  2. Thanks, i have fixed all the grammar and words choices :)

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