Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day This Semester

Today is my first day teaching again this semester. I have in total six class in a week, but the distribution is not so good. I have to teach three class in one day (Monday), followed with one in Tuesday and two in Wednesday, leaving me empty on Thursday and Friday (well, i wanted to have Friday to be free).

Teaching three class a day is a new experience for me. I never teach this much on one day. Usually i only teach two class at maximum, but now, it's three consecutive class, so i had no time to rest (Even i had to have lunch at 16.30). I started at 7.30, next is 10.30, and the last one is 13.30. Today is only the first class, but i already spend two and half hours for each class (except for the last class which was only for two hours) because i already give some introduction to the material (besides giving them the syllabus, point criteria, assignments, reference books, etc).

Well, it was a good start and i'm going to rest now while reading the new magazines (Computer and Communications) from IEEE that has just arrived at my home today big grin

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