Saturday, August 16, 2008

Testing eyeOS

Ever imagined that you could access your computer everywhere even though you don't bring your laptop with you? With eyeOS, you can make that dream come true. eyeOS is a web-based Desktop operating system, so everything you need is just a browser. No mandatory java nor flash plugin required, even though it could add some features when it exists. Other good thing is that you don't need to have database server. They use some kind of virtual file system to save your files and configuration.

I tried this on my desktop which has Apache 2 as the web server and the installation takes less than 1 minute. All i did was just extract, give permission, and run the installer (via browser). It's like having a real operating system (except that you might not get a cool window manager just like GNOME or KDE). The developer has tried hard to make the application mimics the real desktop found on major operating system.

The problem i encountered while playing with this is the resolution. I used 1024x768, but at some cases, this is not enough to display all the window, so i had to use the tab key to move to the bottom of the window and press the button. Perhaps raising to higher resolution will fix this problem.

Even though it can be used for public access, i wouldn't use it. It's too risky to do that, especially some features requires 777 permission (you must set the permission to 777 at the beginning and the installer will take care of the rest). Anyways, it's a good application big grin.

I forgot to mention. It's also open source project.

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