Tuesday, August 19, 2008

OOo 3.0 Splash Screen Contest Result

Florian Effenberger has announced the result of the OOo 3.0 Splash Screen contest. There are 798 voters on this contest (quite a big number for something that only happened for one week).

The winner is Jacek Adamkiewicz: Proposal 3 which get 83 votes (not me). Don't assume that the next splash screen will be dominated by black color. Instead, the new splash screen gives you more color than 2.x splash screen. Congratulations to Jacek and please welcome the new splash screen for OOo 3.0 which will arrive in less than a month. Beautiful isn't it?


  1. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Wih, kinclong skali.
    Istilahnya orang Bangka, "mlinyar"

  2. I have posted a comment on the new splash screen here.

    Don't hesitate to flame me...