Saturday, August 09, 2008

Welcome Song

As always, every Olympic game must have some kind of song which is usually as a welcome song before the Olympic game started. This year, China did the same. Here's the video of the welcome song. It's translated into "Welcome to Beijing" or i would say it would be "Beijing welcome you". Here's the lyrics:
"Welcome to Beijing "
Another morning is coming, and brings in the fresh air
Our friendship will never change, just like the fragrance of green tea
My door is always open for you, and I'm here for you with open arms
You'd know me better when you hugged me, and you will love it here
Be my guest no matter you are from home and abroad
You are here as promised, friends we welcome you
I grow green plant at home to show you all the legends in the past
I want to plant in the soil to make you good memories
Friends and strangers, you are all my guests, and please be at home
No matter how many times we meet, there are still a lot to talk about
Welcome to Beijing, we will show you a brand new place
The charm of Beijing is full of life
Welcome come to Beijing, let's breath together in the sunshine
We want to make new record on this yellow soil
I always keep my doors open, to welcome the world
The old ages is smiling like youth, to welcome that day
We are all friends, please make yourself at home
With all the smiles, I am here waiting for you
Welcome to Beijing, May my music touch you
Let's working hard and try to go beyond ourselves
Welcome to Beijing, it's great to be able to have dream
Just be brave and there will be a miracle

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  1. ... Another morning is coming, and brings in the fresh air ...

    There is no such thing like "fresh air" in Beijing. Believe me on this ;p

  2. I believe they have tried hard to reduce the air polution. If you look on the opening ceremony, the sky looks better than it was used to be