Friday, August 29, 2008

Speedy Problem

For the last few days, i have become a bandwidthless with Speedy. It's speed were dropped very bad and it's not only happening on my computer, but also in other location as well. I have asked my friend who's in Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia and they feel the same problems: Speedy is no longer Speedy.

Few days ago, i complaint to the 147 and they gave me an answer which didn't satisfy me, so today i called them again, and this time, they were willing to report this problem to the network division, which is better than yesterday's staff which gave instructions to restart the modem and computer and if the problem persists, please contact them again.

At around 5.30 PM, i got a call from Speedy asking for the current condition. I replied that the problem still persists and i explain about my speed in the past when the connection was fine. He acknowledged that there was a problem with their connection, but it was already fixed. He will recheck the network again and check whether the problem is on the network or on the server.

Anybody wants to share their thoughts here? Are you having the same problem like i do?


  1. I got same problem here, Bekasi West Java. The speed unpredictable, mostly on low speed. It should be a problem with Speedy capacity or problem at their network, maybe due to their promo during this month.

    Marketing hype vs capability. Quality vs capacity. That is, Telkom Speedy :-D

  2. check my newest post. My speed has returned to normal today. Let's hope it works on yours too :)

    if not, you know whom to call :-)