Wednesday, September 17, 2008

All Purpose Calculator

Two months ago, i wrote about several Scientific Calculator and it received several good responses from people around the world. One of them posted as comments and the others sent a direct email to me. Thanks for that.

This morning, i got an email from one of Stanford's students that are working on all purpose calculator called Encalc Online Scientific Calcultor. Why should i bother posting another calculator? Because this one is more like Google. They can parse your input and you can define variables in it and it will try to guess and calculate it for you. They also support physical constants, used in many calculations, such as speed of light or Pi. In short, they are more flexible. You can make your own equation and asked this application to calculate it for you. Here's an example taken from the author's email sent to me.

Another cool thing is that this application also supports a lot of dimensional units, such as the Metric and non-Metric. Encalc is also a way to collaboratively discuss problems by allowing
you to send calculations in an email. Encalc will automatically update the url after each calculation, making it easy to copy and paste a calculation into an email that you send to a friend. When you are done calculating something, right click on the results and you will get the URL of the calculation you are working for.

Cool isn't it? cool

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  1. This calculator looks more like a click inflation site for amazon banners. Look at tcpdump.