Wednesday, September 10, 2008

YM Contact Limit?

In the last few weeks, i'm unable to add more friend to the YM contact list. When i wanted to add them to specific group, Pidgin always displayed an error saying that it couldn't add it to the group. I'm thinking that it might be YM's limitation. When i count my contact list, there were 1013 person on it silly

I deleted some contacts and now i'm able to re-add those who hasn't been added before. Any similar experience like this? Or is it just Pidgin's problem? IMHO it's Yahoo's limitation.

In the past, Priyadi already post about this, but then the limit was raised. If i'm not mistaken, it was 600 contacts at that time, and now i have reached 1000. Perhaps i do have to delete some of the contacts.


  1. Just out of curiosity.. how do you know over 1000 people who use yahoo?

  2. v6 and below just 300 ids.
    v7 and higher just 1000 ids.


  3. same with me, now i can't add my friends but my friends can add me :D

  4. naive.. i don't understand your answer.. i was asking how anyone could possibly know over 1000 people that used yahoo messenger...??

  5. most of them are my students (they keep coming). The rest are colleagues, my relatives, other Linux users, and many more.

    Well, mine reached 1000 and that's for sure.