Monday, September 08, 2008

Wine Support For Chrome

For those who wanted to use Google Chrome on Linux platform, you will be pleased to hear that the latest Wine build (1.1.4) has better support for Google Chrome. I haven't tested this yet, as the Slackware version hasn't come out yet at the time i write this post, but when it's out, i will try it out. Let's hope it works like charm, while waiting for Google to publish the Linux edition (which i think will use Wine like their Picasa product as well).


  1. I doubt google will use wine for Chrome. This is different from Picasa. Picasa is an acquired product, so it makes sense to use Wine to avoid unnecesasry rewrite. OTOH, Chrome is an almost built-from-scratch (exclude webkit here) product.

  2. I've managed to run Chrome on Linux. However :

    1. It's rather unstable (keeps on crashing)
    2. Can't do HTTPS websites yet (meaning no Gmail etc)

  3. It's bugged, and it's bugged a lot. It's almost official -
    I'm disappointed in Google - yeah, it's beta, but remember, how Gmail beta looked like... Looks like guys had to deliver it till deadline (10th birthday, maybe), and they were obviously short of time...
    It's better than IE, but FF will live excellently long until Google fixes everything and makes enough plug-inns and versions for Mac/Linux...

  4. yeah, porting is ugly, and it could bring a new bugs which somehow doesn't appear in normal distribution