Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Google Chrome: A New Rival For Browser Vendors

It's like that there's nothing on this world that can't be made in Google. They have conquered the search engine market, and then they travel throughout other market as well, such as Social network, Image management tools, Local search engine, Earth project, Map project, and many other things on their labs waiting to be published.

Today, they announced another product, which called Google Chrome. It's a web browser (YES, it's yet another WEB BROWSER). Like all Google's product, they tried to make their product as simple as possible, with clean interface. But that's only in the front end. Deep inside the code, they have put Java Script engine called V8 which should give better performance compared to other products available. They are focusing on the JS engine since probably most of their products uses JS. They combined WebKit and Mozilla's Firefox to produce a better product and even better, they make the source code available to public.

Right now, they don't have a Linux version yet, but they are working on it. Mac version is also on their TODO list big grin. The Windows version will be published in 24 hours, so stay tuned

Update (11:15): Screenshots are available on Google BlogoScoped