Sunday, September 07, 2008

One Day Without Internet

Have you ever feel one day without Internet? What is it like? Well, i had it today, as my Speedy connection is still unavailable. The technician which should have come this morning couldn't come and they didn't even tell me that they weren't coming. I have waited four hours and it wasted my time. I called Speedy Care and no one answered the phone. I finally got to the operators at 1 PM, and they told me that my ticket was gone, so they couldn't contact me (my problem wasn't solved yet, and they have deleted the tickets, OMG!!!).

This is the second time they couldn't fulfill their promises. First one occurred in Friday, where they should have come at 2 PM, but until 5 PM, they didn't showed up. I asked time to reschedule the maintenance problem on Sunday, as i had to go on Saturday and they agreed. I asked them to get as fast as possible and they said that they usually start dispatching technicians at 9 or 10 AM. I'm OK with that, but four hours of waiting is something unusual.

Even worse, i couldn't connect using dial up connection like yesterday, so it's really one day without Internet (like in the old days). Oh well... I guess i will have to wait for Monday