Sunday, September 14, 2008

Megaupload and Indonesia

In the past, MegaUpload, one of the biggest web hoster besides Rapidshare blocked Indonesian IP address by saying that all slots for Indonesian users were used and we were forced to buy MU account or install their toolbar which works in IE and Firefox.

Nowadays, they let Indonesian IP to download from their servers without using any toolbar or using premium account. Even though free users are limited, IMHO it's more loose than RS free user privileges. For example, in RS you will have to wait for few minutes (and even hours) after you have download one big file. This limitation is not listed in MU. The only same limitation are that we can only download one file at a time and no download manager support for free users.

Nevertheless, i still prefer RS for now. Perhaps i will add MU account in the future, but not now. I still see lots of sites prefer to use RS rather than MU.

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