Tuesday, September 30, 2008

CD Forum Linux 8.10 Love Released

Well, it's three months (one day to four months) behind the actual schedule (it was scheduled to be released last June), but it is finally released (after i pushed the developer a little bit big grin). Without further ADO, here's CD Forum Linux 8.10 "Love" Edition.

It's a LiveCD (Slackware based) which contains offline version of Indonesian Linux Forum. It's part of ID-Slackware community effort to help people who doesn't have bandwidth luxuries and dedicated Internet access to access the Forum all the time. We tried our best to reduce the ISO file size at an acceptable level for a complete Linux distribution without sacrificing the users conformance.

The first edition was released at December 2007 and it was scheduled to be released in six month cycle, but we're a little bit late on this release. Sorry for that. One of the biggest effort was to minimize the ISO size (see the changelog below for HUGE Reduction on ISO size) and also upgrading the phpBB engine into phpBB 3.x.

This release is called "Love" edition. We hope you would love GNU/Linux and also Open Source project/communities as well as we love them.

  • ISO filesize reduced up to 52MB from 188MB to 136MB
  • Database updated per June 2008
    Data statistics: 89.042 posting, 14.113 topics, and 10.661 members.
    Posting amount has increased
    25%, and members has increased 30% from 7.12 edition.
  • lighttpd (webserver): Updated to 1.4.20
  • PHP: Updated to 4.4.9 and recompiled to include mbstring feature
  • phpBB: Updated to 3.0.2
  • Desktop fluxbox replaced with JWM
  • lighttpd: recompiled and removed unnecessary features, such as ssl, compress, etc
  • Eterm: removed
  • Opera and Qt: removed, replaced with Prism from Mozilla Labs
  • Font X11-100dpi and cyrillic: removed
  • Locale and i18n: removed
  • Wallpaper replaced with "Love" theme (dominated by blue)
  • Icon: replaced with Tango theme
  • Updated menu desktop
  1. Download the ISO forum.linux-8.10.iso (Mirror - RS)
  2. Burn .iso into CD using application such as k3b, gnobaker, nero, etc
  3. Restart computer, choose boot from CD
Please see the project's website for screenshots

We currently don't have too much artwork, but we provide the secondary wallpaper (1024x768 - 1280x800), just in case you don't like the blue color (1024x768 | 1280 x 800). The second one is green. If that doesn't suit you as well, you can change the color, as we provide the source in SVG also.

Currently, there is only one developer, I Made Sathyabudi Adnyana from Baliwae. Anybody interested in developing this project, please contact me or Budi.

We need support for mirroring the ISO in order to reduce server's load. Any help is appreciated. Please contact Budi if you want to host a mirror for this project and helping us to distribute the ISO.

We hope you enjoy using this product as well as we who maintain it.

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