Monday, September 01, 2008

Back Online

This morning, my speedy connection was down and the DSL light was off and it won't turned on again, even after i restarted the modem several time. I asked 147 and they asked me to look on the DSL splitter. Since i have three classes today, i don't have time to look on it in the morning.

When i was on my way back home, i bought the splitter and i changed the one in my house. No luck. My phone was dead as well, so i finally decided to leave it just for now. What do you know? When i tried to trick the modem so i could get some IP from the modem, the DSL works and now i'm back online again. laughing

I don't know what's the problem, but the good thing is that now i can go online again.


  1. I have no luck with speedy, for the past three days i only got 15kbps top, with average speed only 5kbps.. Btw last saturday and sunday my speedy got 50kbps and that was the best connection i ever had. Do you know whats wrong with my connection? Right now my bandwidth meter doesn't show any activity... Geez..

  2. they have mass disruption on Jakarta, so you will have to wait. Mine was better yesterday, but today it dropped very low again.