Friday, September 05, 2008

Internet Problem

It seems that my Internet problem is not on the mass disruption only, since today i couldn't connect whole day, leaving me with a dial up connection (lucky me i didn't throw away my old modem, which i could use to check my emails). I have asked the technicians about the problem and they told me to try put the line directly to the provider's line, bypassing the splitter which splits the data and sound in the telephone cables, but it didn't work out, so meaning that the problem lies on the network.

The technicians were supposed to come at 2 PM, but i have waited until 5 PM and they didn't showed up, so i called Speedy Care once again and asked them to reschedule the maintenance on Sunday, as i have to leave to Kaliurang on Saturday, so i won't be at home. I was quite disappointed actually, since the operator called me and she said that a technicians is ready to go to my house and i should go back ASAP (i did), but none of them came. I have wasted 3 hours of waiting for them and nothing happened. The problem still persists at wits end


  1. Today i changed the OS i usually used for connections with ubuntu that u gave me at bootcamp. My download speed reached 83.3kB/s (i never got that much speeds in my life, well.. except when i was rigging with HUMAS computer lol), but then again today is saturday. Maybe speedy only designed for saturday and sunday uses..

  2. Well, that's good for you, but not for me. I still had disruption and Speedy will come to my house tomorrow and check my telephone line. It seems that my telephone line is the root of the problem, as i only got 9600 when i used dial up connection. In the past, i can get 115000 at handshake and the speed is faster than today :(

  3. phew.. that was really sucks if you use telkom stupid to access the internet...