Monday, September 22, 2008

Reading Habits

I don't know whether it's just my opinion or you think so too that most children nowadays have lower reading habits than children in the past. I have asked this to my several students and on average they gave the same answers.

Just small comparison. During my study, i usually rushed to the library as soon as the lecturer gave the reference books because i wanted to have the book ASAP and read it so that i'm prepared for next class because i have read it first. This condition is very rare nowadays. They just wait for their lecturers to gave them materials and that's it. No motivation to search in other references (paper, journals, articles in Internet, etc). In simple words, they became more passive.

One of the reason is probably to entertainment world which has become so dominant nowadays. Name it video games, online games, pub, etc. Even in small city like Jogja this kind of "distraction" has become more and more aggressive. Students are not strong enough to fight this new "world". They are pulled in this new world and forget something they should do, study.

What a pity.....


  1. What about changing your style of teaching sir, more fun maybe? :)

  2. It's not about my style of teaching. It's about their reading habits :)

  3. itis too bad how poor the spelling is in blogs these days.