Monday, November 22, 2010

Analyze Before Making Decision

I gave an assignment last week and i asked the students to do early survey on unit testing tools before they decide what to pick. I gave some restrictions that only one tool is allowed to be used in the same class, meaning that each group will have to pick a unique tool for their assignment.

I gave two weeks for the duration of the assignment and guess what? In less than 24 hours, i already got many submission about the tool they wanted to use. I wonder, do they really analyze the tool first? Do they read the documentation included? I though they did, but just few days before the deadline, i realized that my assumption was wrong. They didn't analyze it thoroughly. They finally came to me to ask for another tool due to problems that they should realize before picking up the tools.

Moral story of this: analyze things before making a decision, mostly when it's related to important decision. Take some time to see all possible conditions, including advantages/disadvantages. Hopefully you will not regret what you decide later on.

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