Wednesday, November 24, 2010

NTFS-3G Performance

For those who wanted to read/write data from/to NTFS partition from Linux, the best option you can get is by using NTFS-3G, developed by Tuxera. It has community edition which is free to use for public.

So far, i don't have any problem using it. I can read my data or update my data in Windows partition from Linux without any problem at all. The problem started to rise when i used a virtual machine which i placed in Windows partition due to bigger free space. Sometimes, it caused a bad performance reduction until i can't do anything. The system seems to locked up and when i saw the process CPU usage, it rise up to 100%, which means it took all of my CPU only for ntfs-3g process. This is the reason why it would locked up my system.

I'm hoping that future release of NTFS-3G will have a fix for this problem.

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