Sunday, November 14, 2010

Human Power

Once again, China has showed to the world that human power is beyond technology in the Asian Games opening ceremony in Guangzhou. I have just finished watching the event and it's extraordinary. More than thousands of people involved in the making of this event and what amazed me is the idea of all those spectacular show.

As always, China firstly showed the big and attractive fireworks and the followed with some water show which ressembles the city of water, Guangzhou, where this Asian Games is held. They also showed some videos about Shanghai Expo Center which has just come to an end by the end of last month and of course the new TV Tower in Shanghai was also shown (I have been there when i went to Shanghai last month).

Congratulations to China who have just done a marvelous job on holding this Asian Games and also Shanghai Expo which i think will be the biggest achievement of China this year. I'm looking forward to see your next achievement next year Applause

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