Friday, November 05, 2010

Apache Will be Much More Speedy

After releasing page speed extension for Firefox and also WebP Project, Google is now releasing a new project called mod_pagespeed which can be used to fasten Apache's load time, thus improving overall performance. This will boost Apache's usage among developers and also system administrators in the future.

What's good about this module is that it works side by side with other developed Apache modules, such as mod_gzip and mod_deflate, so no overlap between them. This module will try to improve those module by running some filters which can be seen here.

I hope that these new features can be integrated as core modules in Apache's development tree, so that future Apache release will have this module included by default. At that time, many people will love Apache more Heart


  1. good to know that, will incease older drupal website.

    - John Devos
    Magento Themes

  2. @ Jhon of course it will speed of all the related software which runs on Apache.

    - Tanya
    Web Designers

  3. yup hope for the best sevices fromtha apachee