Monday, November 15, 2010

New XOrg

In the next few days, LQ forum will be busy with lots of questions regarding new HAL-free XOrg which has been published on -Current updates today. Upgrading to newer XOrg is always exciting and also frustrating. You might end up with a broken X Server (i experienced this before and it forced me to keep XOrg packages out of the upgrade until i'm sure that everything will be OK and luckily, it was fine upgrade) or you can encounter some problems with graphics.

As in my case, i don't have any problem at all with the new XOrg. The upgrade process was smooth and every system i have are working normally up to now. I had a friend who have just had a problem with his Radeon VGA card. I'm not an experienced users, so i don't have any clue for it as for now. I hope his problem can be solved ASAP.

Even though it's challenging, i still think that -Current is so exciting. All the fun when those packages gets upgraded and new environment should be tested. This is all that makes playing with -Current is so fun. Yahoo

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