Friday, November 12, 2010

Testing Fedora 14

Today, i installed Fedora 14 on my laptop under virtual machine (i used VMWare). I downloaded DVD version which has 3.3 GB of size and the installation took some time to complete. So far, Slackware is still the fastest one with less than 10 minutes to install and you can have a lot of software installed by default.

My first impression with Fedora is that it similar to Ubuntu in many ways, such as the default package selection (probably because i picked the Graphical Desktop option at installation phase. It would be different if i choose a developer option where it will install so many packages required for developers).

The first thing i do is to update the YUM repository and try to download all the updates on my campus repository. It has been finished for few days ago, so it's ready to be tested. At first, it failed to get the repodata files, and i tried to switch mirrors, but the real culprit is that it hasn't got any IP address. I forgot to run dhclient to get an IP Address. This is now on progress and i will have an updated Fedora later on.

So far, i'm still having a fun time with Fedora 14, because it shares most of the principal in Ubuntu. But still my favourite Linux distribution goes to Slackware.

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