Monday, November 08, 2010

Be Careful With Words

Be careful with what you said. Other people might dislike what comes out of your mouth, especially when it's not based on evidence and only based on your personal judgement. I think Fenny Rose was the headline as of yesterday because of what she said in one of her program in RCTI, SILET.

She said something that caused people in Jogjakarta and probably also in other cities were so angry because it could cause more trauma to people who suffered from the Merapi eruption. She also mentioned that there will be a huge explosion without any hard evidence. Even the officials in Jogja never mentioned something like that before. How come she who doesn't know anything about the condition said something like that Angry

After the show, many people posted so many bad comments on the TV station saying that they should apologize and the program should be suspended due to this action.

I hope Fenny and also the crew must learn from this and please don't play with people who have suffered. They do need information, but not frightening information just like what you have shown yesterday. Give them a good information and they will be pleased with it.
Don't play fire, especially when it's related to Merapi Devil

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