Saturday, November 20, 2010

UKDW Nutz! 3.0

Finally, the third Nutz event has been held today in UKDW. This event was postponed due to Merapi eruption, but we decided to held it today and luckily the participant didn't drop too much (even though there were some participant who couldn't attend due to other reason, such as substitute classes).

Some member of Ubuntu Jogja and BlankOn developers were joining us as the speaker and it was a great event. We are planning to held next Nutz event with the Ubuntu Release Party next year on October. On that event, we would like to collaborate with other Linux communities and we would like to see your participations on that event. The format will be like Install Fezt, so you can bring your laptop and you can participate in Linux installation event (most likely users would like to try dual-booting Windows/Linux on their laptops).

Thanks to all of the crew that participate on this event and we are looking forward for next year event in UKDW Yahoo

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