Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Echofon Support Linux Again

Few months ago (on August precisely), Echofon stopped support for Linux systems and some people (including me) was confused with this action and decided to find another Twitter client (which makes me turn to Choqok). It was good application and it also supports Identi.Ca account as well, so i can use it for two accounts in the same time.

This morning, i saw a changelog in Echofon for Firefox and it says thet they have supported back Linux on the latest release and also add support for the next Firefox 4 (which is still in Beta currently). This is a wonderful news and i'm installing it again, but i will not leave Choqok, since it's the default on my desktop at home and i'm happy with it since they released 1.0.0 Beta 4 which fixed the kwallet bug. I will install Echofon on my other machines, since it's integrated with Firefox, so i can check my Twitter while browsing the web using Firefox.

Thank you Echofon for bringing Linux support back to Echofon Worship