Monday, May 09, 2011

19th Title Next Week?

Manchester United has just won a big match against Chelsea 2-1 in Old Trafford. It's the same score when Chelsea beat MU at their home, but the situation is different. It was a crutial time in the race for the title as this season only has 2 matches left and both of them are the best candidate for the champion after Arsenal was down 3-1 to Stoke C.

It was Javier Hernandez who scored the first goal under 1 minute and then followed by Nemanja Vidic to get United's second goal. 2-0 lead stays remain until half time. Lampard scored a surprising goal with his left foot, but that couldn't help Chelsea to get more goals out of United's net until the end of the second half.

It's a bit disappointing that Rooney didn't get more goals since he got so many chances, but eventually it was blocked by Alex and denied by other Chelsea players.

I can't wait to see United win the champion title next week and then they can start focusing on Champion league against Barcelona in Wembley Stadium.

It's another proof that EPL is one of the most attracting and most competitive league around the world. In Italy, AC Milan has sealed the title race already and in Germany, they already had their champion last week. In Spain, the champion is 99% locked by Barcelona and only a miracle could stop them to regain their title back again, but not in EPL. Not until next week we can see the champion, but with this big win, i'm sure 99.99% it will belong to United again and for the 19th title to beat Liverpool's record Yahoo

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