Thursday, May 12, 2011

Installing BackTrack 5

I have some time this morning, so i decided to try the new BackTrack 5 on top of VirtualBox. The installation is pretty straightforward and it's less confusing than Ubuntu even though it uses the same base (Ubuntu 10.04 LTS).

After i logged in to the desktop using the Live CD ISO (I picked the KDE version), there's only a single desktop shortcut, which is a shortcut to install BT 5 on hard drive.

I had problems when installing Ubuntu, mostly when setting the timezone since it tries to connect to the time server and it usually not responding for some time before it become active again. This doesn't happen on BackTrack 5. The longest part is when the installer stopped at 99% saying "Almost finished copying files...". I think they are still doing background process and it tried to connect to the Internet.

Once this is done, i should have BackTrack 5 installed.

If you would like to install Ubuntu-based Linux distributions, it would be a good idea to disable your network card prior installing if you don't have a good Internet connection. It will make your installation much much faster and you can configure your network card after the installation is done. This way, you won't stuck at installing phase Evil Grin


  1. I installed BT5 on Mac OS X using VirtualBox. Even though I had a very good Internet connection at the time, the installation got stuck for 5 or more minutes at 99%. I almost rebooted the thing. Have patience, guys.

  2. ha! i was about to reboot until i read this. <3

  3. Hanging at 99% myself, 2nd attempt at BT5 Install on virtual box running on Windowz 7. I'll give it another 15 minutes and try again with slightly different settings.

  4. Stuck at 99% for almost 20 minutes now!

  5. I dont know how many time i tried...thank you..lets try it now...