Friday, May 20, 2011

Fedora 15 is GOLD

Fedora 15 is now marked as GOLD release, meaning that it has been completed for development phase and ready for deployment to the public. The developers are now working to make the ISO and distribute them to public mirrors and make sure that they are ready to distribute the new release.

They will publicly announce the availability next Tuesday, May 24. By that time, all public mirrors will have the ISOs and repository ready. This will be a great release of Fedora 15, even though i don't use it in my primary desktop/laptop. I use Fedora only in my old laptop since it's working great and i don't have any complaints at all with it. It supports all of my hardware completely YahooLet's hope the same goes with Fedora 15.

Since i'am leaving for Surabaya next week, UKDW ISO Server might have a delay on the ISOs availability. You can wait or you can go to other mirror servers if you can't wait waiting