Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Testing Ubuntu 11.04

Ubuntu 11.04 has been released the same day as Slackware 13.37 and it brings a major upgrade to Ubuntu system in general with the inclusion of Unity replacing the standard GNOME desktop. I was so curious about Unity which for some people caused so much headache and painful configuration in many areas and for the rest saying this is a worthed upgrade.

Later on today, i will try installing Ubuntu 11.04 on a virtual machine (using Virtual Box) in my workstation (running Slackware 13.37) and see what will be my first impression about Ubuntu 11.04. So far, i'm pleased with Ubuntu 10.10 since it was so stable and well maintained. Let's see if this impression can continue in 11.04?

Some people said that xx.04 release is not so stable since in most cases, Canonical introduces big changes to the Ubuntu (like this Unity thing), but i am about to see if it's true or not in the next few hours. It's still 5:10 AM here, so i won't be testing anything for nowlmao

(Update: 10:48 AM): I have installed Ubuntu on top of Virtual Box and sadly, it's like the others. It was kinda dissapointing. The installer stucked at time zone selection until i disabled my network adapter. It seems the installer were downloading something from Internet and it took all the resources.

I couldn't test unity since the hardware acceleration is not present in my system. I didn't know that Unity requires 3D acceleration to be present Doh
Some applications are not responding at first, but after i install Ubuntu 11.04 updates (there are around 49 MB of updates with just few days of updates, can you believe that?), it works normally again. It's a sign of an untested applications before release. This is contrary to Slackware installation on my machine. Everything worked as intended.

I guess i wouldn't recommend Ubuntu 11.04 for now. Stay with 10.10 for now and upgrade when 11.10 is released in the next five months if it's considered stable. Most likely Unity will become more mature and the base system will be much more stable than current version.