Saturday, May 14, 2011

AdSense Account Suspended

Just know, i visited my blog and i wondered, why does the Google AdSense is not showing on my blog? I checked my Monetize tab on Blogger and it says it was suspended surprise. I never put anything on my web and now suddenly it was suspended by Google crying

I have asked them to review my account and hopefully they will reinstate my AdSense account. I don't really have much money there, but it's been so hard collecting them cent by cent for years and now they are gone in just an instant broken heart

This is almost the same problem i had with PayPal few months ago. There was an invalid activity on my account thus my account was suspended. The reason was because someone hacked into other people's account and send the money to me so it was like a scapegoat Annoyed

Let's hope Google really being generous to reinstate my AdSense account back to me praying

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