Friday, May 20, 2011

Moving to Another Room

Since my room is about to be renovated, i have to move to another room for a while. Since i'm also leaving next week, that means i only have this week to move all my stuffs to the new room. One thing i considered important is the availability of Internet connection, since i can't work without having Internet connection.

This afternoon, my mother cleaned up the new room and when i got home, i started by moving my computer to the new room. After all of them were moved and setup, i had to make another change again, and that was re-wiring the line to the modem. Since my room was in the back and the new room is in the front, i had to make a new line for the modem from the splitter device. Once the re-wiring was done, i can have my Internet connection back. In fact, i'm writing this post on the new room.

The new room is smaller than my original room. It's so crowded here since so many items were brought in. I had to endure it for the next 1-2 months waiting

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