Monday, May 23, 2011

First Day in Surabaya

Today is my first day in Surabaya. Actually, this is my first time going to Surabaya using plane. Usually i took a train to get there. Since it's office duty, i decided to take a plane. I left at 3 PM (delayed a bit untill 3.20 PM) and i reached Surabaya one hour later at 4:25 PM. We took a cab to get to the hotel and check in.

Next, we had shower and we were picked up by one of our alumni to have dinner together with the other alumni which already waited for us at DCost. There were about 8 people at today's event, but it was fun. Photos will be added later when i have returned home since i don't bring any cable to transfer the photos to the computer.

There's nothing interesting at day 1, but i am really excited to see my friends and also other alumni that came to the event even though they were only notified via Facebook and also in short time. I really appreciate their time and efforts.

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