Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm Back

After spending three days and two night at Surabaya, finally i'm home now. I had a great days in Surabaya along with my colleagues and also my business partner. I met a lot of people, gain new knowledge and also got a lot of new ideas for future work.

Today's schedule was a bit tight. We all had breakfast at the hotel around 8 AM and then we left to ITS a little bit early since it was quite far from our hotel. When we reached at ITS, we split into two groups, since me and Restyandito attended the ACAD CERT meeting while Bajuaji went to Secure Coding workshop instructed by two representative from JP-Cert. The workshop ended around 5 PM, while my meeting ended around 11.30 AM, so we left ITS without Bajuaji and went to pick up another business partner and have lunch and chit chat at Tunjungan Plaza 4.

We spent some time in Tunjungan Plaza until around 4 PM and then we split up, because we had to leave to the airport. Since the airport is far from TP, we left at around 4:15 PM, even though the flight was scheduled at 7 PM. We didn't want to take a risk. We arrived at the airport around 5 PM, which was 2 hours ahead of schedule. There we met our friends from AVNet. They were also going back to Jakarta today, but their flight was earlier than us.

Before we departed, we had dinner together and then our flight departed around 7:15 PM and we landed in Jogja one hour later. I slept during the flight since i didn't get enough sleep yesterday. I slept at 3:30 AM this morning and i only had 2,5 hours of sleep since yesterday.

I think it's time to stop and go get some sleep now yawnwave


  1. Have a good rest then! By the way, do the materials will be available online?