Sunday, January 09, 2005

Came Back

In the mourning, i went to Kotabaru church with my friends (Andre and Yohan again). There, we met some of our friends (Eldoan, Ferdy, Danny, Arifin, and Novi). After that, we had our breakfast at Soto Sawah and we went to Yohan's house to fix his computer problem (but it wasn't finished perfectly). Just hoping that he can continue the process on his own.

My girlfriend has come back from her vacation to Jakarta along with some of her family for five days. She bought so many items there and having a great time in Jakarta, since she never been to Jakarta before. I picked her up at 5.20 PM at the airport and then i went to her house and have a dinner in the Pengok restaurant (again) and go to comic rental to borrow some comic books.

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