Monday, January 24, 2005

Network Problems

I started my task as an assistant for Advanced Database (using Oracle 9.2i as it's topic) today and it was one of the bad day to start a lab class. The networks were so badly configured (because the Puskom guys have no time to reinstall the operating system and reconfigure the networks, so it is the same computer that we use last semester). The results is a messed up class.

We used a Net Support School to support our class and one of it's feature is to show the server's view to all client, but when i did that, it hung and couldn't be restored until i restarted the computer. Finally we decided not to use the application before we do more investigation on the networks.

After class, i checked the networks with the other assistant and find out that some of the NIC is broken and that was enough to freeze the entire networks when used with Net Support School because it's view was broadcasted to the entire clients connected to it. We changed the NIC and the problem was fixed in no time. Let's hope that there will be no more problem like this in the next class (on Wednesday).

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