Tuesday, January 25, 2005

First Meeting

I had my first meeting as a database assistance today along with the other ten assistances (one person is absent today because she was on her way to Jogja by car). We discussed the schedule for this semester, materials, modules, and some talks about the final project. Ohh.. do i mentioned an assistance coordinator? if not, then add that too. It was Alphone Roswanto who become the coordinator of all the assistance. At first, there was two candidates, me and Alphone, but i insist that he should be the coordinator, because he has more time than i do, since he don't take many class this semester (only UML class), while i am taking three class (Embedded System, Distributed System, and Internet and Multimedia).

The meeting stated at 9 AM and we finished about 11 AM. Next, we took our end of the year gift from the faculty. It was a calendar, a notes, and a wallet with our campuss logo on it. It was quite good, but a little bit huge for a normal wallet :)

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