Thursday, January 06, 2005

Junior High School Reunion Part 2

Today i went with my junior high school friends (Andre, Yohan, Adi) to Galeria after in the morning i went to my campuss to submit my final project reports. I came at Andre's house at 10 AM but we started to leave at 12 AM and we ate at the Kentucky Fried Chicken and after that, we played a snooker (billiard) for about three hours. I have Adi as my team mate and we beat them 5-4 through a lot of fun and shouting at each other when there were failures.

After playing billiard, we went to Fantasia to play some arcade games. We played a snipper-act shooting game and also a car race (Daytona i guess) for some times, because it was really fun and exciting. At 6.30 we came back to Andre's house and we have a little chat together with Andre's little sister, Yessi. At 19.10 PM, we went home and i was suprised that my Ubuntulinux CDs have finally arrived after a long waiting for about three months.

It contains 2 CD, one for LiveCD and the other for install CD. The live CD also contains Windows versions for several of the application included in Ubuntu, such as GIMP, Abiword, Audacity, Firefox, and I got 10 CDs and maybe i will distribute it for some of my friends.

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