Thursday, January 27, 2005

Request CVS Access

Today i asked Pablo Saratxaga about CVS Access to Indonesian Translation project after discussing it with Erwien Samantha, the new Indonesian translator. I don't if there is any CVS access to it, but i hope there is and we can have access to it, so we can update the Indonesian page without having to send the attachment to Pablo again.

Meanwhile, i was also requested to become the Indonesian coordinator for the Indonesian Translation project, since Budi Raharjo, the previous coordinator has been inactive for quite a long time and Indonesian's progress has stopped until i joined with this project and start to maintain the Mandrakelinux's packages.

If the access granted, i will hold two CVS access, one for Documentation Project and the other will be Mandrakelinux Translation Project. We will have to wait for few days to find out the answers.

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