Sunday, January 16, 2005

New Semester

This weekend will be my last holiday weekend and starting tommorow, i will start my new semester (my last semester i hope) in the new year. In this semester, i took 15 credits, 6 for final project, 3 for distributed systems, 3 for Internet and Multimedia, and the last 3 is for Embedded System. Actually, i have finished my 144 requirement credits, but in order to gain more IP (Indonesian grade), i should retake my old subject and fix it grade or i should take a new subject and got an A for it. I prefer the last one, since some of them are interesting subject to me (and also new, such as the embedded system).

Hopefully i can finish my final project before March and i can do a final presentation on April, so i can graduate on October this year. Just hoping nothing bad happens to me.

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