Sunday, January 23, 2005

Pine 4.62

PINE, one of the most well known text-based email client that was developed by Washington University has launched another release version, called 4.62 and it has been officially announced on it's website. Below is the changes from 4.61 to 4.62 :

Version 4.62 addresses bugs found in previous releases and has a few additions as well.

Additions include:

* Enable-Newmail-in-Xterm-Icon now also sets the title bar text to indicate new mail
* New feature Enable-Newmail-Short-Text-in-Icon
* New UNIX Pine feature NewMail-FIFO-Path
* New feature NewMail-Window-Width
* Select command may use the pattern from an existing Rule (for example, an Indexcolor Rule) for its selection criteria
* Beginning of Month and Beginning of Year options in Rules
* Some additional tokens having to do with the current date may be used in the folder name that is used as a target in a Filter Rule. For example, you may filter messages to a folder named for the current month by using the _CURYEAR_ and _CURMONTH_ tokens in the folder name. The (long) list of all such tokens is here.
* Three additional tokens for use with Keywords may be used in the Index-Format. They are SUBJKEYINIT, KEY, and KEYINIT (in addition to the old SUBJKEY).
* Keywords may be displayed in color using Keyword Colors, available from the Setup/Kolor screen
* The Keyword-Surrounding-Chars option may be used to slightly modify the display of SUBJKEYINIT and SUBJKEY tokens.
* The Enable-Flag-Screen-Keyword-Shortcut option adds a shortcut method of setting keywords
* When performing an aggregate reply (or forward), if the Role that would be selected when replying (or forwarding) to each individual message in the set is the same for all the messages, then that role is used just like it would be when replying (or forwarding) to any one of those messages.
* Delete/No Delete prompt added to Save command so that the source message may be deleted or not on a Save-by-Save basis
* Status-Message-Delay option now allows reducing the status message delays Pine sometimes adds
* New feature Save-Partial-Msg-Without-Confirm
* New feature Disable-Take-Fullname-in-Addresses
* New feature Sort-Default-FCC-Alpha
* New feature Sort-Default-Save-Alpha
* For selecting messages by Status, add the possibility of selecting based on Recent or Unseen status
* Allow Take command to take addresses from html and enriched text subtypes, as well as from plain text

Bugs that have been addressed in this release include:
* Crash when sending a message with a Role that sets the To header if the Empty-Header-Message is set to
* Pine hangs in composer after alternate editor or speller is run and new mail arrives that causes an External Categorizer command to be executed
* Crash in MESSAGE INDEX when using a threaded sort. The crash is most common when the sort is Reversed.
* Pine could crash or hang when the window was resized down to 3 lines or fewer while in the composer
* In the Role editor the "To Folders" command for the "Set Fcc" action did not work
* After running Pine for a long time, it would slow down until restarted
* Export command in FOLDER LIST did not work with dual-use folders
* When the Send-Without-Confirm option was turned on, flowed text was not produced and the Fcc-Without-Attachments feature did not work
* Display bug, folder was not un-highlighted
* When viewing a message from the separate thread index, new mail arrival could cause Pine to leave the MESSAGE TEXT screen and drop back to the MESSAGE INDEX screen on its own
* When the UnDelete command was typed in the composer with the cursor in the middle of a header line, the text was inserted at the beginning of the line instead of at the location of the cursor
* When some messages from a thread were selected (not including the top of the thread), the view was Zoomed, and the feature Slash-Collapses-Entire-Thread was turned on; the collapse command caused messages to disappear from the view entirely
* Incorrect character conversions were possible when going from ISO-8859-X to ISO-8859-1
* Quell-Charset-Warning will now also quell the short comment included in header lines about the charset being different from yours in addition to quelling the editorial comment at the top of a message. This is the stuff that looks like "[ISO-8859-2]" in a header line.
* If the Down Arrow key was held down it caused Pine to do a new mail check for each repeated character, which caused a delay when the key was held down by mistake. Changed that so that it does at most one check per second.
* An unnecessary sort of the folder (causing a delay) was happening when closing if a filter rule depended on message state
* Mouse in xterm failed when clicking in the folder screen
* Enable-Dot-Folders feature did not allow adding folders with names beginning with dot
* When replying to a TEXT/ENRICHED message Pine was failing to filter out the ENRICHED markup
* Crash caused by malformed ISO-2022-JP in header
* Crash when changing Inbox-Path if INBOX was not the current folder
* Adding a collection on a Cyrus server did not work if the folder already existed (Pine tried to create it and failed)
* Pine gave incorrect messages when deleting dual-use folders/directories
* Saving an attached message to INBOX from another collection did not work correctly (it tried to create INBOX in the collection instead)
* In some circumstances, Pine could announce "No messages expunged from folder " after an expunge command that actually worked correctly
* Allow alternate editor to use quoted arguments
* News drop folders weren't using the correct newsrc with Enable-Multiple-Newsrcs enabled
* Error decoding some 8-bit headers, typically showing up as a garbage character at the end of a name

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