Thursday, January 13, 2005

Start Your LiveUpdate

It's thursday right now (Wednesday in some country), so it is time to start your LiveUpdate right now, since it is the day when Symantec Corporation, the company who made a well-known antivirus product Norton AntiVirus as well as other system products, such as Norton SystemWorks, Norton Security and Norton Firewall releases it's LiveUpdate version of the latest virus database.

For you who always download the database manually via Security Response, you will not get a big updates, since it was included in the daily updates, but for those who runs LiveUpdate, perhaps you will get a quite big updates (nearly 400 KB on my computer). While looking the fact that viruses and worms are spreading wild in the Net that can caused a nightmare to anyone which is infected, these ammount is considerably cheap and should be done by everyone that installed Norton AntiVirus on their computer and they have an Internet connection.

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