Monday, January 31, 2005

What a Day

Just like i said yesterday, i had to attend three class today, but i was wrong. My embedded class will be held next monday, so i have to attend only two class today and i became the assistance for today class (Database and Advanced Database lab class). It was enough to make my leg feel so tired, because i have to stay at my campus from mourning until 4.30 PM because it was raining at the noon, so i can't back to my home, so i entered the Internet lab and see anything new.

I can't download anything, because i didn't bring any USB flash drive, so i just recorded what should i download when i got home, and there is only one application, WinSCP, which is a secure ftp-like application that can be used to upload or download files from other server. I used this when i want to update my personal page or Jogja LUG page or any other pages that i have access to.

Today's class is quite good and they can understand things fast, so i didn't waste too many time to explain the basic of MySQL application. Let's hope next class will be as good or even better then today's class :)

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