Sunday, January 30, 2005

Long Meeting

Today is the day when MUBES for Jogja Linux User Group is held and i went there at 8.30 and arrived at 8.55 and met Jaya and Afnindar there, while some of the members have arrived before me and they were on the third floor, where the meeting will took place. We started the meeting on 9.20 because we have to wait for several members. We discussed a lot of material and one of the is the structure of the organization. I was placed on the Research and Development division, since i have my own project with the OOo Documentation Project and also Mandrakelinux Translation Project.

The meeting was held for about six hours (and also kindda boring when it comes at the final section that discussed whether the Jogja LUG should be an organization or not). In my personal opinion, i disagree with the idea, but it was postponed until next month.

I got to have a good rest tonight, since tomorrow, i have three class to attend (two lab class and one embedded system class). The embedded system class should be held on Friday, but the lecturer wasn't there and he gave a substitution class on next monday.

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