Sunday, April 13, 2008

4 Exams a Day

Today, i had to attend 4 exams. Two exams for my final test, one practical test, and the last one was an unexpected test. Last night, i got an SMS message saying that i should give a presentation about my thesis proposal today. I was kinda surprised, since i just put my proposal yesterday morning and at night i already asked to give the presentation in the next day. My friend had to wait for few weeks before they were asked to give presentation and mine was only one day (i don't know if i should be glad or sad about this).

My first test was conducted at 8 AM until 10 AM. I got finished around 9.30 and had some break before my second test coming up. Then, i entered my second test at 10.15 and finish around 12.05. No time for lunch yet, since my schedule for my thesis proposal presentation was scheduled to be at 12.00, so i got there and wait for my friend first. He finished around 13.15 and my turn next. Actually my practical exam was supposed to be at 13.00, but since i had to give presentation, i can attend the test without any problem (still no lunch yet). Finally, at 15.10, all of my exams were finished and i got two weeks of resting before going to the last semester and working on the thesis whew!

Wait, no time to rest yet, since i still had to give a class tomorrow for my students. Kinda sleepy right now yawn but life must goes on big grin

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