Thursday, April 17, 2008

Safari Updates: 3.1.1

Apple has released an update to their Safari browser, which is tagged as 3.1.1. Although Apple hasn't revealed what changes has been made into this version, they advised people who used previous version to upgrade.

My quest trying to install Safari on Linux ended in dead end before i met Kyle's posting and wrote it on my other blog. Today, as both Safari and Wine has been updated, i wanted to test whether the interface is still scrambled or not. I ran wine SafariSetup.exe and in no time, the Safari Installer is loaded and i installed the application. In just a few seconds, the installation is finished and you can start launching your Safari browser.

It seems that the menubar is still screwed, even with the latest Wine version (probably it's not their main priority right now). HTTPS is still not supported (yet), so we can't use Safari for online transactions which requires HTTPS, like PayPal.

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