Sunday, April 06, 2008

Wine 0.9.59 Released

Every two weeks, Wine developers released an incremental updates to Wine and right now, they are aiming for 1.0 release after this long journey. The latest update is 0.9.59 which should bring more improvement on .NET Framework and also services.exe processes (which is one of the critical process in Windows operating system).

On every release, i always download them and install it on my system. I tried to use several Windows application to be tested on Linux and the result is outstanding. On most cases, the error or warning messages decreased on every new version and layout problem seems to be gone. While it's not for every application, the result is magnificent. I'm quite confident that when the time 1.0 gets released, it will support quite a lot of application (not just installable, but also similar with the native Windows version).