Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Can't They Ask First?

I was wondering, why Rapidshare is blocked without asking them first to delete the files? (or probably they don't know such methods exist in RapidShare) Unlike YouTube, RapidShare support team has a better service. If you have any objection about one of the files that were shared through their service, you can ask them to delete it from their servers. It's not as complicated as YouTube.

The government is willing to give two days for YouTube to give statements, but they don't wait for other services and just blocked it. Even though it's hard to delete all files that contains Fitna in RapidShare, but with some help from lots of people, i think this solution is better than blocking the whole sites.


  1. well, blocking fitna clip is just government excuse. What the real reason is to lower the cost of internet bandwidth. dang!

  2. the cost for Internet bandwidth is not Government's business. It's the ISP that should pay those cost

  3. Anonymous10:04 AM

    kaya'nya si ISP yang ketakutan,
    jadi secara brutall ngeblok apa aja

    padahal kalo diliat dari pertemuan Menkominfo dengan blogger, dibilang bahwa surat permintaan blokir sama sekali tidak menyantumkan site mana aja yang harus diblokir.

    harusnya salahin ISP nya yang dudul

  4. youtube has responded by removing that famous video long before indonesian government through mohamad nuh threatens ISPs for disregarding government's (read: commander) command to block access to youtube.

    you can find lots of this news about "youtube's cowardy" on blogs/websites which campaign against Islam, along with the "liveleak's cowardy" news (that's what the hardest-line of anti Islam sites call them). you can search google for them, until mohamad nuh blocks google.