Monday, April 21, 2008

Wine 0.9.60: It's About Time

Two weeks since the last Wine release and here comes another release which is closer to 1.0 release in June. The highlight changes in this release are:
  • Better support for Windows IMEs.
  • Option for Windows-style window decorations.
  • Improved system tray behavior.
  • Window management fixes.
  • Improved quartz audio support.
  • Better support for launching apps from Unix file managers.
I had some troubles after upgrading to 0.9.59, mostly with Systray icon. Some application which usually reside at Systray is no longer there, so it's confusing to look for the application. I hope it will be fixed in this version as it's one of the highlighted changes in this release.

Slackware package is already available, build by Ken. It's quite fast, since usually i have to wait several days before the distro-specific build is ready big grin

Update (9:18): The system tray problem has been resolved in this version. Yeeeaa... applause

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